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School Profile

Packsaddle Elementary School in Kingsland, Texas is located where the Llano River flows into Lake L.B.J., which is part of the Highland Lakes chain. We are excited to be in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We serve families who reside in Blue Lake, Buchanan Dam, Kingsland, Horseshoe Bay, Deer Haven, Oak Ridge, Sandy Harbor, and Sunrise Beach.

The faculty and administration at Packsaddle Elementary School are committed to excellence in education and the safety of our children. Every child is perceived as a person of value regardless of background or ability. Children are treated with respect and taught to their full potential. Faculty and administration work together to provide a positive environment in which the teachers and children can perform to their highest ability. Students are equipped to face an ever-changing and demanding society. As future leaders, our children are only given the best possible tools and skills to be successful, along with a nourishing environment in which to grow. Parents, teachers, patrons, and administrators all work together to accomplish this goal.

Packsaddle Elementary, part of the Llano Independent School District, began its first year with 107 students in grades kindergarten and first grade with an instructional staff of eleven. Our campus now houses grades Prekindergarten through Grade Five with over 500 students and 70 staff members. There are many exciting programs in the classrooms, which challenge each student to reach their potential academically while developing outstanding work habits and work ethics. Enrichment and intervention programs abound: technology usage in the classrooms as well as computer labs, a comprehensive art and music programs. We believe that educating the whole child is of paramount importance; and our academic and behavioral expectations are set high for all students at all times.

Our mission is to improve the academic performance of all students!

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